All of my bookings are taken via the Glowday platform. You can also contact me to arrange the appointment, but will be sent a link to confirm via Glowday.


Creating a Glowday account allows you to book yourself in at a time suitable for you, you can rearrange the appointment if needed too! You will be sent appointment reminders via text/email. It allows you to securely save your personal information, and complete your medical forms before the appointment! You confirm your appointment with your bank details, but NO money is taken at the point of booking. You can pay with a different card/cash/transfer should you wish during the appointment.

To have reviews on Glowday, they have to have been booked and paid for through the Glowday system – meaning they are genuine reviews from clients, never faked.

All practitioners that join Glowday have to provide details of their profession, their qualifications, certificates of their training in the treatments they offer, their ID and their statutory body registration information. All Glowday professionals are manually checked prior to activating their profile.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?

I qualified as a nurse in 2012, I completed my prescribing qualification at level 7 in 2019. I now am I university lecturer in nursing.
In 2020 I completed my foundation anti wrinkle and dermal fillers week long course, which included a complication.
Over the past few years I have completed numerous courses to keep my skills up to date.

Which products do you use?

I only purchase products from a registered pharmacy, that have been thoroughly tested to consistently prove that they are safe to use.

Is it safe?

All products used are purchases from a registered pharmacy, and are proven to be safe - you won't see my following the latest trend or product until it has proven (through clinical trials) that it is safe to use.

All treatments do carry an element of risk, the level of risk depending on the treatment itself. All of which will be discussed in your initial consultation.
I am trained in complications, and am a member of Aesthetic Complications Experts (ACE)

Are treatments painful?

Not as painful as you are imagining! Depending on the treatment, some cause more discomfort than others. I usually hear from my first timers "Is that it?! I'd have come much sooner if I had known that!"

I use numbing cream if required, I have a gentle touch, use cannulas when appropriate - all to reduce your discomfort.
The needles are much smaller than you are picturing!

Will I look fake after treatment?

I will never allow someone to look "fake or done." Natural looking is the way forward! I'm not about making you look 21 again (unless you actually are 21 you lucky thing) I'm about making you look "good for your age"
I'm known to say no to clients and even put one on a filler ban! Please remember when you see celebrities that look like that, they have spare thousands of pounds to spend on treatment - 1ml will not make you look fake!

I don't know where to start or what treatment to get - what do you recommend?

Please book in for a consultation. There's no pressure to book in for a treatment - in fact I'd much prefer you book in for a consultation so we can discuss your options then book for treatment another day.

Who We Are

Boundless Beauty Aesthetics

My name is Elizabeth Richardson (Lizzie) and I am the owner of Boundless Beauty Aesthetics! We are based just outside York city centre, between York St John University and York Hospital. A client said to me – “I don’t want to look young, I want to look damn good for my age.” That’s our aim. Our goal is to keep you looking natural and refreshed not “fake”. We work towards creating subtle, conservative, enhancement.

“Lizzie is friendly and professional and makes me look natural (but better!).”


5 Star Rating – 03/10/23

Why Choose Us

Registered Nurse for over 12 years

I love a good consultation appointment, this is where we can get to know each other (over a nice brew) so together we can devise a treatment plan to meet your needs, as you are not a 2ml package deal, you are unique and so is your treatment plan. I will always be honest and say if I don’t think a treatment would be right for you, or would not give you your desired look.

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