Owner, Lizzie Richardson, is a Registered Nurse Prescriber trained and insured in multiple aesthetic treatments.

I understand that aesthetic treatments are not just about “a wrinkle” or “a line.” Treatments are completed holistically, I want to know the story behind why you want a treatment because it’s always so much deeper than it appears on the surface. It’s about how they make you feel about yourself, your confidence in your own appearance. It’s all in the subtlety of it. I want to have you feeling that you look “good for your age!”

This is why I love working in aesthetics, making you feel much happier and more confident in your own appearance! Hearing that you are smiling so much more and not worrying about your crows feet showing or are buying lots of new lipsticks to show off your smile!

Who We Are

Boundless Beauty Aesthetics

My name is Elizabeth Richardson (Lizzie) and I am the owner of Boundless Beauty Aesthetics! We are based just outside York city centre, between York St John University and York Hospital. A client said to me – “I don’t want to look young, I want to look damn good for my age.” That’s our aim. Our goal is to keep you looking natural and refreshed not “fake”. We work towards creating subtle, conservative, enhancement.

“Lizzie is friendly and professional and makes me look natural (but better!).”


5 Star Rating – 03/10/23


Boundless Beauty Aesthetics Clinic Room

Our beauty aesthetics clinic treatment room is meticulously designed to offer a tranquil and professional atmosphere, ensuring clients feel relaxed and confident in the care they receive. Central to the room is a comfortable, adjustable treatment bed, allowing clients to recline comfortably during procedures.

Why Choose Us

We are fully qualified and insured practitioners

I love a good consultation appointment, this is where we can get to know each other (over a nice brew) so together we can devise a treatment plan to meet your needs, as you are not a 2ml package deal, you are unique and so is your treatment plan. I will always be honest and say if I don’t think a treatment would be right for you, or would not give you your desired look.

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